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Credits: Film and TV

  • Dear Eleanor, Feature Movie
  • Colorado Lottery Television Ad
  • History Museum Television Ad
  • National Geographic's Hog Genius (3-day studio shoot)
  • Diagnosis Murder with Dick Van Dyke
  • A Pet Story (Pigs and Parrots)
  • Animal Heroes (On Location - Reenactment)
  • Egg Board Commercial (studio)
  • Hollywood One on One (on location)
  • BBC's Natural Neighbors
  • Japan's Amazing Animals
  • Countless Animal Planet shows

Credits: Live TV

  • Tonight Show with Jay Leno
  • Late Night with David Letterman
  • Animal Planet's Pet Star Champion
  • Fox Morning Show's National
    Pet-Trick competition Champion

Film & Televisiondick-van-dyke

The Top Hogs animals not only do live performances but are also available for Film and TV. Part of what makes the Top Hogs animals excellent for film and TV are their live performances.

They are comfortable working with distractions, learn new behaviors quickly, and are accustomed to being handled. John Vincent works as the animals' Wrangler and has worked on film sets and on location for years.

Hog Genius: The Amazing Pig - David Hamlin Producer

"Our next stop in the production was Denver, Colorado, where we met our favorite pig of all: Mudslinger!" hog-genius-still

Mudslinger is the pretty white pig who does amazing tricks with his owner, John Vincent. Some of you may have noticed that Mudslinger is the same white pig we used in the White Studio environment edited throughout the program.

We asked Mudslinger to interact with some pretty crazy props during this part of the shoot ( a vacuum cleaner) and he always did an amazing job. Whenever he arrived on set, Mudslinger always knew exactly what to do: interacting with various objects, performing exactly as I had hoped.

He's truly a star!"




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