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Fairs & Festivals

  • California State Fair
  • Iowa State Fair
  • San Diego County Fair
  • Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo
  • Strawberry Festival
  • Parrots in Paradise
  • Boulder County Fair
  • El Paso County Fair
  • Adams County Fair
  • Taste of Colorado
  • Parrots in Paradise (LA)

Film & Television

  • The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
  • Late Night with David Letterman
  • National Geographic Hog Genius
  • Diagnosis Murder with Dick Van Dyke
  • Hollywood 1 on 1
  • Animal Planet (many shows)
  • Pet Star with Mario Lopez
  • Fox Morning Show
  • Sabado Gigante

Libraries, Schools, Senior Centers

  • Denver County
  • Douglas County
  • Arapaho County
  • Jefferson County
  • Kiss a Pig Reading Programs

Performing Arts Theater Performances

  • Lincoln Center
  • Paramount Theater
  • Sangre de Cristo Theater
  • Union Colony Civic Center

Learn how the
animals are trained

About Top Hogs

Nestled south of Denver in rolling hills of pine trees, scrub oak and wild flowers, the performing hogs, dogs, and parrots live on a 25 acre ranch with the rest of their animal and human family. Their friends consist of wild pigs, Clydesdale horses, miniature donkeys and cats. Many of the animals were abandoned or even abused before coming to the ranch.

With the exception of the horses and donkeys, of course, all of the animals live part time in the house. Using a hog/dog door, the pigs and dogs split their time between playing outside on the lush, green grass under the tall trees and lounging below the sunny living room windows. The dogs run in the fields and play ball or Frisbee each day to stay in shape. Several of the parrots have been specially trained to free-fly over the forest in the mountain breeze on nice, sunny days or socialize and play with their other feathered friends in their large, fun flight pen.

about1All the animals enjoy two delicious meals a day, which include nutritional, breed-specific chow and fresh fruits and vegetables. They eat healthy to stay in top physical condition; after all they are professional athletes and performers.
You can see how all the animals live and play by watching the "Life is Full of Tails" DVD that is available on this web-site.

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